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I'm sure you have heard of the Burning House Project, as it has been buzzing around the internet. I find this concept so fascinating and touching, and I can't help but participate. I am intrigued by the posts and what people treasure, and what they would grab in the case of a fire.  As much as I would love to grab my treasured records, books, photos and artwork, I have paired it down to the basics. Obviously this all assumes that my husband would be there with me. Billy thinks he can save us all, of course…which is one of his most adorable qualities. His courage is truly inspiring. Tell me…what would you take?

(billy, teddy, my grandfather's letters, passport, iPhone, laptop)



  1. Awww… love seeing Billy! With all of the fire alarms going off here in university halls, I’ve actually been in this situation and I grabbed my purse (which had essentials like passport and what not in it) and my laptop (and hoped it wasn’t a real fire!).

  2. Oh wow…yes in a real situation obviously I might not get it all, but you should see what most post or photograph on the site! There is no way they would be able to get all of it in a true emergency. So glad Billy makes you smile :)

  3. what a neat idea! hmm. i would grab my pup and kitty and iphone and ipad and laptop and boots and maybe a pair of flats for back up and obviously i have 7 arms to carry these items.

    ps. your blog. is so. pretty.

  4. OH BILLY!!!!! You are too cute my little courageous mister!!!!
    Hmmmm I guess it would be:
    My Husband
    My doggie
    My laptop
    The wedding ring holder thing that we used at our wedding to hold our rings as they were blessed by our friends and family and now sits on our bathroom shelf where we put our rings when we take a bath.

    That’s it!
    Gotta go check out that site now!

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