the navy yard




The Navy Yard in Philadelphia is known to most locally as the headquarters for Urban Outfitters. Every time I visit the URBN campus, I find myself intrigued by the worn and retired ships that rest there. On my last trip (an overcast day with hints of sunshine) I drove off the designated path and took some photos. I learned it was our country’s first naval shipyard, with it’s beginnings in 1776. It has been inactive since 1995, but a few navy offices still remain. There is something beautiful about the shabby state of the vessels, don’t you think?  The shades of grey and aged salmon color are a lovely combination in my opinion…you have to use your imagination  a bit, but they can inspire! 


  1. I totally agree about those colors being pretty. I was there a few weeks ago, and it was so foggy, the ships looked amazing. Enjoy your day down there!

  2. I have thought the same thing when visiting the Navy Yard, the sheer size of the ships lends the whole place a certain majesty.

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