a “giant” update…






It's about time I shared an update with you in regards to the I'm a Giant challenge! My dollhouse is in quite the state of disrepair, as it has turned into a bit more reno that I initally imagined. It is a challenge for sure, and at times I have wished for a pint-sized carpenter who could do the work for me…(cute little mouse with a toolbelt)? However, in the meantime, I've been having a blast planning the decor, shopping, and scheming to rejuvenate some older pieces from my childhood. Almost everything you see above will be getting a new look! More to come…happy "dollhousing" (yes, it's a verb now).



  1. This dollhouse stuff reminds me of a little shop by Grands Boulevards in Paris, where I found “dollhouse cakes” . I used them to make broaches. Such a precious little shop. The cake is currently a broach of mine :)

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