classic beauty…




I saw this classic beauty parked in the heart of our town on Thursday, and shouted "stop the car"!! We live in a historic suburb of Philadaelphia, so it is not uncommon to see vintage cars, but a 1938 Plymouth in perfect condition…definitely worth stopping for. It was begging me to photograph it, especially with the lack of people and cars around…it is amazing how quiet it was due to the holiday. I stood in awe long enough to admire the vintage beauty and get deliciously lost in time.



  1. I think I love your town. T and I are talking a lot about where we want to “settle down,” and a small, historic town outside a major city is at the tippity top of our list. We’ll probably return to New England within a couple of years.

  2. Aw…it is a very lovable place! You would love it here, or some of the other Philly suburbs. This is just the right amount of “city” for me :)

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