the weekend



We had such gorgeous (and unseasonable) weather this weekend! Although I’m quite the snow bunny, it’s hard to complain when the sun is shining, and the air is brisk yet mild enough to not need a heavy coat. We got some household stuff done, but tried to get outside as much as possible. We took a country drive and ended up at a great antique store, discovering treasures…such as this giant chippendale chair! Billy just couldn’t resist demonstrating the scale…he is so much fun to shop with!



  1. We know Erin…I’m already struggling a bit with that fact, BUT–he will still get alone time with us, and will adapt along with us to the new situation. He made me a Mommy 10 years ago, and although he is not human, he has taught me more than I can ever explain.

  2. so freaking adorable. i LOVE snow too, we too have had almost a snow-less winter and it has been pretty mild, but suddenly this week it is way below freezing. brrrr! at least the sun is shining, I will take cold sunny days over grey ones any time!

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