crêpe day!





Hello February! One of my favorite "holidays" is this month…La Chandeleur, the French version of Groundhog Day. Falling on February 2nd, it is also referred to as crêpe day! It happens to be a Catholic holiday, but most treat it as a fun future predictor, involving a coin and crêpe flipping. If you're feeling lucky, find the details here. Not that any of us need an excuse to eat a savory crêpe…but if you need a reason, use this one! That is me above, about to enjoy my very first one…ever. In Paris, in Saint- Germain, right next to the stand where I purchased it. It was a spontaneous moment forever captured on film, and I am thankful to have it. The Nutella goodness has "stuck" with me, and I am officially addicted to both the dreamy hazelnut spread and the thin layers of wheat is wrapped in. Vive le crêpe!



  1. You had me at crepe filled with Nutella! Sounds like a wonderful memory—and what a lovely picture!

  2. Love crepes and am SO lucky that my hubby makes fantastic ones which he does for me from time to time – can’t get enough. I like them all ways but I think my favorite is plain right off the pan!

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