1. Um. Wow. Gggggorgeous! Your Mister sure knows how to pick ’em! Either flowers or florists, ’cause that is some serious style and sophistication going on there. Hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day!

  2. Why thank you sir! Sullivan Owen is so talented with flowers…you should check out her site! Hoping you had a wonderful Valentine’s as well! :)

  3. are those real flowers or silk? i saw that same bouquet on their website too….
    lovely stuff – and you’ve got a very good man!!!! this must be one of the most romantic gestures and always works :)
    your idea for Valentine was divine – we often visit le Pont des Arts on a Sunday and I must have hundreds of snaps from my walks…. shall look out for your three year love lock :)
    love and much luck with your great expectations!!!!
    ♥ kiki ♥

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