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Please pinch me, because our home is being "sneak peeked" on Design*Sponge today!!! Most of our little cottage, including our twin nursery, is being revealed there! It is such an honor to be included…many thanks to Grace, Amy, and Anne. A huge MERCI to Courtney Apple, who took all the gorgeous photographs. I do hope you will check it out and leave a comment there…merci mon amies!

*for those who are linking over from D*S…welcome!*



  1. Your home definitely deserves recognition, it’s absolutely stunning! I feel kind of lucky to have seen it in its earlier stages. Now I just need to get back for some tea and macarons in its current state! Congrats, Susan!

  2. I am here via DS…Love your place! I too am a mom of twins…my boy/girl pair are 26 now, but seeing your nursery brought back so many sweet memories :) We also live in a home built in 1948…

    It was a custom design, and it’s got some weird quirks. It was also abandoned when we got her, so we’ve worked hard these past three years to make her smile again. We are moving in the fall, and I just hope that the next family that lives here takes really good care of our old gal.

    Will have to follow you now to see pix of those cute lil babies-to-be!

  3. Susan, your home is absolutely gorgeous! You managed to make it look both impeccably beautiful and cozy. I can imagine having coffee with you on that lovely banquette.

  4. Welcome!! What crazy coincidences we share, wow! I’m sure a family will find it’s way to your home and love it as much as you…thanks for visiting and I hope you’ll be back soon. ;)

  5. Susan – congrats on an amazing post with some great highlights! I’m also looking forward to the other “after” – you know, “after the babies come and your house gets taken over with stuff” part. I’m quite sure it will be just as charming!

  6. Susan, it’s beautiful!!! I adore your office and the nursery. And oh my gosh, I didn’t even realize you were having twins! How awesome!! Congratulations.
    Ronnie xo

  7. Your breakfast nook is to-die-for. Can I invite myself over for croissants and coffee, please? I’ll even throw in a night or two of free baby-sitting ;)

    P.S. A design sponge feature = fancy. Which means you’re so fancy and I love it!

  8. Hi Susan
    I know this is an older post but I found your blog a few days ago and I LOVE it …I am reading the posts one by one every spare minute I have…your blog is just gorgeous and I love your beautiful and stylish home…as for your twins…well, need I say more!
    A belated congratulations on your lovely babies and I look forward to reading about their antics in 2013.
    Jules, Dubai, UAE

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