billy and the bouncers…







This was the babies first time in their bouncers-they barely see over the harness but enjoyed the movement…Billy was also amused since they were perfectly positioned for feet kisses! I did not situate him for this shot-he made sure he was in it and sat smack in the middle, centered and cute as can be!



  1. omg I’m dying right now…the dog and the baby…two cutest things in this whole world!
    Just thought I’d comment (since I was sort of blog stalkin’ ya ha) :-) Come on over and follow along Color Issue–I think you might enjoy it!

  2. Too cute, I love Billy so much and am so happy that he loves the babies. Who can resist baby feet? I’d be kissing them too!

  3. This is without a doubt the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen!!! Two cute for their own good! Billy too!! LVE

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