oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree





Saturday was hectic. We bundled everyone up and ventured out to our local tree farm, same as last year (plus two)! We knew it would be a challenge to juggle two babies and billy while searching for and cutting down a tree, but we were delusional up for it. Here’s how it went down- billy wanted to explore and subsequently fell into a (small) hole, henry started freaking out, marie decided to make a big mess in her diaper, and we began debating whether to call the whole thing off and forget a tree this year. Needless to say these photos were taken before the chaos ensued. Just more evidence that the lives of bloggers are not always as effortlessly beautiful as photos may portray! However-we did bring home a tree, and it is a reminder of our chaotic new life…full of love, laughter, and yes, a LOT of diapers.



  1. ha! real life. we still haven’t got a tree and the scrooge in me says forget it. glad you rallied and found one though. :)

  2. Just wondering where the tree farm is? We are looking to cut down our own tree this year and starting the tradition with our 12 week old boy:))

  3. Such cuties. Picturing myself in that moment, and I’d probably start heading for the car…glad you still found one!

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