one year ago today…


One year ago today…our wishes came true when we discovered we were expecting! I remember the day very vividly-I just had a feeling, and so I bought a test (ok a few tests) and waited until mr. fleurishing came home from work, which was almost impossible for my impatient self. Together we waited, the minutes seemed infinite…and then we looked together. We gasped, cried happy tears, and hugged. A long, loving, beautiful embrace that I will never forget. In that moment, our lives were forever changed…our love had created life. We placed the two tests that we later gave to my parents in my stocking and took this shot. A bit freaky in my opinion, considering we learned after Christmas that we were having twins!! Needless to say, it was a very special holiday…but this one is even more so.


  1. That is completely freaky that you ended up with the world’s most gorgeous twins! I think it’s freaky that I ‘like’ almost all your twin photos on Instagram, I have to stop myself because I don’t want you to think I am a stalker, lol. I am SO happy for you both (and Billy too).

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