you are beautiful…





This is my desktop currently, and it's a meaningful reminder.  I've struggled for much of my life with self worth issues, and even when I am filled with happiness I battle with my often negative inner voice. Learning to love yourself is one of the greatest achievements in life, in my opinion…and mine is still a work in progress. Becoming a parent places a magnifying glass on your own deficiencies. I want to be a positive role model for my children-I don't want them to base their self worth on superficial things like I sadly have at times. I want them to embrace their inner beauty, and consider both their bodies and spirits sacred. It's a lesson I am still learning myself. So this Valentine's Day, this year, is dedicated to loving my whole self, completely, and teaching by example.

image/wallpaper courtesy of kelli trontel + thorn and sparrow…get it here




  1. Thanks for this beautiful reminder. So true.. unconditional love is always a work in progress, for sure, whether it’s loving others or yourself!

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