a beautiful body project


Yes, I stretched physically while growing emotionally and spiritually to grow humans inside of my body and fed them from this body too.
Yes, I am sexy.
Yes, I will never be the same.
Yes, I am a Mother.
Oh yes, I am proud.
Yes, I am vulnerable.
Yes, I am as strong as a house.
Yes, I am your sister.
Yes, I have a story too.
Yes, I am a reflection of you.

This is an excerpt from the Beautiful Body Project by photographer Jade Beall. I am personally incredibly inspired by it, as I have always struggled with body image issues, especially now after having twins. I am slowly learning to embrace my body in it’s current state and be thankful and amazed at what it was (and is) capable of. I want my children to appreciate their uniqueness and know their beauty, inside and out. Jade’s goal is to promote positive body image and love for oneself, as a woman…as a mother. Please visit the website to get more information, support the project, and be inspired.

image courtesy of Jade Beall Photography


  1. Thank you for posting about this wonderful project. It’s time that we all start embracing what makes us unique and strong rather than focusing on unattainable ideals that are the product of extensive Photoshopping.
    Women are capable of incredible things and our bodies change as we experience all that life has to offer. What marketing execs call my “flaws”, I refer to as “marks of a life well lived”.

    • Absolutely Cara, thank you for your thoughts. I like that…my life has been very well lived then (wink).

  2. i saw that photo and thought–what in the world is my stomach doing in that pic? who knew that motherhood could stretch us in these crazy ways—nice to know i’m not alone…

  3. Thank you for sharing this project. I’m currently pregnant with twins and often am overwhelmed thinking about the transformation my body is going through… And what “recovery” will mean for me.

  4. Beautiful post! We see the beauty in others so easily…why is it such a challenge finding that beauty in ourselves? I practice awareness of my aging beauty every day. Practice, practice, practice.

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