diner en blanc


Last week we joined over 2,500 people dressed in white for an elegant pop-up picnic in Philadelphia. Dîner en Blanc is a magical, glamorous, and elegant affair, held annually by invitation only.  What began in Paris 25 years ago has now spread worldwide, delighting all in attendance. One of the most thrilling aspects of the event is an intensely guarded secret location, which is revealed  upon arriving at the designated meeting point, dressed to impress! In our groups case, we took the subway together, and as we emerged from the tunnel, we could see people gathering on the JFK bridge in front of the iconic 30th Street Station. To the dismay of those traveling home from work, we all shrieked with giddy excitement as we realized what was about to unfold. The main thoroughfare had been shut down, awaiting our revelry!



Everything needed for the formal picnic arrives (and departs) via you and yours, so thoughtful and light packing is a must. Since this was our first year, we kept things simple with plain white china, fresh hydrangea, and a few pieces from my vintage milk glass collection. I wish I could claim that amazing feast above as ours…our table mates went all out! We picked up our food upon arrival, having ordered a catered meal. It was amazing, and saved us the trouble of carrying the food, in addition to all the accoutrement we already had to bring. It’s quite a feat but well worth the effort!



After dinner was over we lit our sparklers in unison, to signify that the dancing/partying portion of the evening had commenced! We took a walk along the bridge over the Schuylkill River, making our way up to the front to dance (a DJ followed the band that played during dinner). Amidst a sea of white attire and smiling faces, we danced the night away. Even though it’s a dream for any francophile, you don’t have to be one to appreciate the magic of the event…Mr. Fleurishing was quite dazzled by it all as well. Philadelphia provided a spectacular backdrop, and we saw our city through a new lens.


  1. Oh Susan, how lovely! We were just in Philly last September and I can just picture what a great backdrop it would make for this kind of event. Makes me want to pack up a picnic basket. xx Jess

    • It was so beautiful Jess…I’m already excited about next year and all the location possibilities!

    • Yes, you must come visit Will…you are welcome at our place anytime ;)

  2. So well said, Susan! Your photos are spectacular. I’m thrilled we were able to share this very special and magical evening with you both. Thank you!

    • We are so grateful Chanee, and it was such a fun evening with you both! Already excited for next year ;)

  3. Ohhhhh, I had no idea they did this in Philly! We used to live right in Old City but we live in South Jersey now and are still there all the time. I would love to go to one of these! I’ll have to try to get in on the next one – looks magical:)

  4. susan! i found you a beautiful mess and after falling in love with your house, popped over here to read that you’re from historical philly (chestnut hill?)! my husband and i live in willow grove.

    anyway, i love love love your design aesthetic and cannot wait to keep reading your blog ;)

    • I’m glad you found me Caitlin, welcome! We live in West Chester…not far at all-such a small world. Thank you for the kind words + please do keep reading, merci!

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