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Hello friends! Let me preface this post by stating this is my first DIY post…EVER. Don’t get excited-it’s most likely to be the last, as I’m admittedly not much of a DIY-er. Nothing against those that are-I’m just usually not patient enough. This one was the result of frustration-what I had in my mind was not for sale (at least, I couldn’t find it). So, I took the project upon myself…16 feet of table, about $50 worth of fabric, and a heck of a lot of tape. I worked on it in my living room over a week’s time (mom of twins), and was so pleased with the result! So without further ado, the ever so complicated instructions…


step one: cover the top of table with white kraft paper

step two: select your fabrics (looks best with varying textures + styles)

step three: cut random widths of fabric…I trimmed the length last

step four: enlist furry friends + cute babies to keep you company

step five: tape strips along edge of table (I used clear packing tape)

step six: finish top edge with ribbon (I used a wide satin)



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