sunset sail





In celebration of a dear friend’s upcoming betrothal, I joined a fun group of ladies aboard the Schooner Woodwind in Annapolis. As a sailing novice, I was beyond excited to finally have the experience. The weather was perfect, the boat was yar*, and soon after setting sail the champagne was flowing! I must admit I’m quite proud of myself for navigating around the boat to take photos (especially after a good bit of bubbly). The golden glow of the sunset against the skyline provided a stunning backdrop for our revelry. The experience was actually quite soothing and nostalgic for me, having spent many happy days on a boat in my youth…and I am already anxious to sail again.

*I’ve always wanted to use the term “yar” since seeing Philadelphia Story as a child…can’t help myself!

*Fun fact: the boat we sailed on was featured in the movie Wedding Crashers with Christopher Walken at the helm!


  1. You captured the night perfectly, and that is a breathtaking shot of you!! Epic weekend. Love you!

  2. You managed to work the word “yar” into a blog post with gorgeous pictures to boot (must be said with the K. Hepburn accent of course)! Off to rent Philadelphia Story – it has been far, far too long!

    • so glad you have an appreciation for that Jess…it gave me such joy to have a reason to use it! :)

    • yes, I remember your sailing post…such a great anniversary idea Kayla!

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