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Well folks…I would say we’re having an indian summer, wouldn’t you?! These freakish 80+ degree temperatures in October have me a bit sad, I’ll be honest. We decided to cheer ourselves up with some sunshine and splashing around at Longwood Gardens. The kids couldn’t have been happier-we arrived early in the morning to avoid the crowds (and get home in time for naps), and let them roam free. Mommy was giddy to have an excuse for a photo shoot with the linen white dress Marie hadn’t worn yet (yay)! Fashion rules don’t apply to children, haven’t you heard?! We made our way through the kid-friendly areas…secret gardens, fountains, pumpkin patches, ending with an extra special Thomas the Train sighting! We left wet + tired, but with smiles and a sense of accomplishment…a great way to spend a Sunday.


  1. Oh, your kids are just adorable. You really have a knack for capturing their innocence and wonder on film.

    It’s been warmer here in Paris, too! No 80-degree weather though… just less cold and rain :)

  2. Ditto to Danielle. H+M get more and more beautiful with each post… it’s ridiculous! What a fun day, looks like. Miss you all. xx

  3. Oh I absolutely love Longwood Gardens. I loved it as a grown-up but remember thinking what a fun place it would be to take children! And I hear you on the linen dress excitement. Such adorable pictures :)

    • haha yes…yes, they did Rebecca. wish I could slow it down (15 months now)!

  4. How do you ever keep those white clothes clean?! I’ve been meaning to take Eva to longwood gardens since she was born, maybe this fall is the time. I’m jealous of their fern wall!

  5. man the colors are so vibrant, I love it! Longwood is one of my favorite places to go when I’m home and my little brother loves the same spots as M&H!

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