This has been a tough week (hence the lack of posts). I’ve basically been alone with the kids due to mr. fleurishing’s grueling work schedule, with very little down time. Parenting twins is hard enough-but I’ve been feeling a bit melancholy as well and that hasn’t helped. I’m feeling a bit lost, and out of balance…so many great opportunities are coming my way at the moment, but I don’t have the time to pursue or accept them due to my #1 job as a mom. I LOVE being a stay at home mom, and know how lucky I am to be able to do so, but I’m feeling professionally stifled at the moment. I know there are many who deal with this issue…and any advice is most welcome! I’m headed to the Poconos (for the first time) this weekend for a girlfriend getaway, and I’m happy to have the break. Fresh air, fall foliage, and a peaceful lake setting is just what I need to rejuvenate. I’ll be back next week with a new philly creatives feature + more fun fall adventures!


  1. A dear friend of mine once told me that there is no such thing as “balance” when you are a mother. Sometimes things fall into place, and when they don’t you recover the best you can. I am a FT working mother with an 17-month little boy, and I remember when I returned to my career when he was 4 months old I felt like I would never find “balance” again. Keep it up mama, you’re doing fantastic and your children are adorable!

    • So true Allison…balance is a myth it seems! Thank you for your support + sweet words, and kudos to you for managing TWO full time jobs ;)

  2. The Pocono’s are my retreat too. (We apparently don’t live too far from each other!) We try to get away for anniversaries as much as we can. It’s been a few years, but my best friend & I went for a girls weekend and it was a blast. The cool weather, the beautiful fall leaves everywhere, it’s just a recipe for rejuvenation. I think we all (especially us momma’s) need a break every once in awhile to clear our mind and thank our lucky stars for what we have. After that, everything else just sort of falls into place. Enjoy your break!

    • Ah yes…crisp air and fall leaves are just what I need, a recipe for rejuvenation indeed! I’ll admit-I had an uneducated negative opinion of the Pocono’s when we first moved to PA, but have since learned about it’s beauty. I can’t wait to see for myself! Thank you!

  3. susan- you are amazing! thanks for sharing this- so many of us are going through the same experience. i have a feeling your trip this weekend will be rejuvenating and insightful- share pictures please!

  4. Even for non-parents, balance is kind of a fallacy. Or at least, a seriously challenging and ambitious goal to reach. I should be in bed – it’s 1am and I’m tired – and yet I’m working or thinking about work (or taking a 5 min break to comment!). Where’s the balance in that?

    • Absolutely Lindsey…it is a challenge we all face, parents and non-parents alike. I’m selfishly happy about your imbalance tonight, LOL.

  5. I completely feel your pain here. Life and work have been overwhelming for the past few months and I feel like something needs to change soon before I explode. Being a mom comes first but somedays I just want a day off – I hope your weekend away recharges you!

    • Yes! I almost did explode this week-cannot wait to recharge. Hang in there–I am trying to remind myself the grass is always greener and focus on being thankful. Tough on days when my creative energy has no place to go!

  6. Although I am not a parent, I can say that I have been there before. That work/life balance is so difficult…especially when opportunities come your way. Know that you will find the balance that works for you…it just takes some time. Wishing you a wonderful weekend…full of changing leaves….beautiful scenes… and much deserved relaxation.

  7. I can so relate to this post. I love that I’m able to play the role of work from home mama, but I sometimes feel frustrated when I feel like I can’t find enough hours to commit to the small business im trying to build. Eva and I have become involved in a play group in Fishtown, that has brought us so many great things. I have a community of moms who I can reach out to for support (many of them are creative part time freelancers, and full time mamas) but also for childcare. Many of the mamas I’ve met babysit from time to time, by now these are women that I know and trust. It’s nice to always have this community of mother’s a phone call away if I have a really busy work week in store.
    Also, Eva’s started preschool this fall, which has been awesome for both of us. We really look forward to those two mornings a week. She gets to learn and socialize, and I have three precious hours to myself. I usually sit in a coffee shop down the street from her preschool and write blog posts or work on freelance. So, that’s my advice. Find a community of mamas (I can tell you more about mine if you like), and look forward to preschool days cause it’ll be here before you know it! Good luck, it’s hard at times but also, I can’t imagine doing anything more rewarding than being a mama!

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