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As the daughter of a librarian, I couldn’t be happier about my children’s love of books. I started reading to them before they could see past their noses, and even though at the time I felt a bit silly doing so, I’m so thankful I did. They devour books-in our laps, together, and even sitting alone in the quiet (which I find amazing at only 15 months old). Reading is a huge part of our day, but especially upon waking and before bedtime. This weekend we all piled into bed with our pajamas and favorite reads…and of course I grabbed the camera. The light was just too good, and the kids, too beautiful.

 *marie + henry are looking super cute and comfy in g.nancy star pyjamas*


  1. There really is nothing cuter than your little one who brings you a book to read and then backs up to sit in your lap!

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