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Is it really only one week until Thanksgiving?! This season just flies by…wow. On Sunday I shared my tips for creating a festive holiday table at the Philadelphia West Elm store, as well as a fun DIY! I was thrilled to be invited by West Elm, and it was wonderful to see some familiar faces as well as new ones. My main advice was, and is, to make trends your own. In this highly styled world we live in, we are bombarded with images and ideas for everything, and it can be overwhelming at times. Use items you love, color palettes that make you happy, and focus on the details. I styled a table using some of my favorites…the organic shaped dinnerware (kind of obsessed), mercury glass, and of course, gold flatware. The gold leafed mini pumpkins add a personal detail and also make a great parting favor for guests!

Care to add the midas touch to your thanksgiving table? Here’s how to do it:


pumpkin, gilding adhesive, cotton gloves, foam brush, wax paper, gold leaf sheets, sealant


apply a light coat of glue to the pumpkin, wait 5 minutes or so until it’s sticky to touch

using the wax paper, gently lift a gold leaf sheet and apply it to your pumpkin

pat the wax paper softly using th brush, releasing the gold leaf underneath onto pumpkin

carefully remove the wax paper and smooth down edges very delicately using gloved hand

repeat the steps until covered…apply a sealant (if not using a fresh pumpkin)



    • So glad you could make it Brooke…and yes it’s addictive…I speak from experience. ;)

  1. Wow, love it! Nice your emphasis on making trends your own… good reminder to celebrate uniqueness! I want to shrink myself down and live in that gold wonderland of a table spread!!

    • Oh I love that thought Angie…leave it to you to think of such clever imagery. (and thank you)!!

    • thanks Elizabeth…it’s fun to mix in a bit of the more trendy copper as well!

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