happy for this moment





“Be happy for this moment, for this moment is your life” – Omar Khayyam

I’m sitting outside in the crisp fall air, watching my children run carefree through crunchy leaves, under sunny skies in our backyard. Seeing them find joy in simple pleasures, and in nature, reminds me to pause and do the same. I know that these moments…these are the ones that will replay in our minds as we age, they will be remembered as the best days of our lives. I’m so thankful to be conscious of this. Autumn is a season of transformation, as is life. I find extreme bliss and melancholy simultaneously this time of year. Time is fleeting-be thankful, and be happy for the moments.


  1. You are so right! What is it about being a mother that just makes you appreciate all of these moments and changes that we used to take for granted?! We took our son on a fall picnic last week and half the time I was smiling/laughing and the other half I was on the verge of tears…geez. ;-)

    • thanks Allison…yes, becoming a mother gives you such perspective on the passing of time…both a blessing + a curse it seems.

  2. Thank you for this bright spot to an otherwise mundane Monday. xoxo

    ps. H&M would rule the baby modeling industry!!

    • aw, happy to make you smile Ang! (and thank you—they need an agent, ha!) xoxo

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