bon weekend



This week got away from me…in all honesty I was struggling with my fibromyalgia-the fog was more intense than usual. I’m not looking for a pity party, just keeping it real here. By the time I got through the day with the kids, whatever energy I had left was spent getting work done and then I would crash…which leaves no time for blogging. Thankfully, I’m feeling more clear headed today, and am ready for the weekend! Isn’t that such a charming little cottage? It’s our home!! I think it looks especially lovely in the fall (thank you Kayla)!  The autumn colors are at their peak, and we’ve all been savoring it-before we know it winter will be upon us. Here are some of my favorite links from the week for your enjoyment…


tea + treats in paris

love everything in this shop

neutral nursery lust (ours included)!

a conversation about design + education


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