the pumpkin patch





Fall is in full effect here in Pennsylvania…mother nature is really showing off! We couldn’t miss the photo opportunity of first time pumpkin picking…especially on a beautifully brisk + sunny day. Understandably, the kids enjoyed picking pumpkins more than apples. Down at their level, they were able to touch, climb, and play. It was quite adorable watching them (seem to) confer on which ones they liked best. As they see things for the first time, we’ve developed new eyes for the world around us. It’s one of the most magical parts of parenthood in my opinion, and I can’t get enough.


  1. beautiful pictures. I can’t wait to have kids – because I have so much nostalgia going to pumpkin patches as a kid and picking out my perfect pumpkin!

  2. I am back into the old memories , when I live in small town with my parents and my mother collect pumpkins for fall decor and I used to help her and now I missed those days; we had so much great time there.

  3. These pumpkin outings are what my fall’s are missing over here in Paris! So lovely. Looks like you guys have a blast together!

  4. How cute! This is indeed a part of parenthood that I look forward to, seeing the world all over again, and appreciating the freshness of it all.

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