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You may have noticed my francophilia has been on hiatus (here) lately, and that’s about to change. Early next year, I will be returning to my beloved France…my flights are booked!! I cannot wait to visit my brother and family, spend time with friends, and have exciting new experiences in my favorite city. After much deliberation, mr. fleurishing and I decided it wasn’t yet time to bring the children (see this post) …that day will come. For now, I am more than grateful for his encouragement to go, as much as I wish we could all travel together. Until I have fresh francophile content to share, you can get your fix in my archives here + here. I’m just so ridiculously giddy…let the planning begin!


  1. OMG, no let me rephrase this, OH MON DIEU!!! I am so happy and excited!! I so hope we can meet up – keep me posted when you’re traveling and I’ll try to beam myself to Paris too!!! Quel bonheur!!

    • I would love it if you did…I’ll keep you posted when the time comes Karen, thanks!

  2. Yay! That’s awesome! I’m sure it was a tough decision, but traveling with a young toddler is just sooo hard. We went to Brazil for my brother’s wedding when Eva was 18 months old. Even with my parents, my husband’s parents, and my entire extended family there it was really exhausting. I don’t regret going, but just this past flight with her (when she had just turned three) was soooo much easier. You then of course have to pay for plane tickets, but just know that it does get easier!

    • Yes, it was tough, but twins put a whole new spin on traveling. Thanks for your feedback…we will certainly take them in a few years!

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