roanoke rendezvous



We did it!! Our first big road trip with the kids was a success-we made good time (8 hours), had minimal meltdowns, and enjoyed ourselves! Most importantly…we spent quality time with mr. fleurishing’s parents. Roanoke happens to be the perfect meeting point for us all (between PA + NC), and having visited Hotel Roanoke previously, we looked forward to our stay. Marie and Henry were so excited to finally give nana + poppy kisses after many FaceTime conversations, and bonded with them instantly. There were many sweet, tear-inducing moments, mixed with hilarity and of course, a few toddler meltdowns. We made a few excursions into downtown Roanoke, which is so quaint + charming-I especially loved the well preserved vintage signage. The southern hospitality was in full force…I had forgotten what it’s like to have strangers engage you in conversation! We headed home Monday…filled with love and a sense of accomplishment.

a few favs…hotel roanoke, taubman museum, appalachia press, and black dog salvage (more on that soon!)


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