all they want for christmas



Ok, ok…so at 17 months old they don’t care what they get…this list is obviously more what WE want them to have. However-these selections are based on activities they already enjoy and their unique individual personalities. Marie is a very girly girl (like her mommy), who lately has insisted on wearing a tutu grammy gave her around the house on a daily basis. She gets excited over choosing outfits (this young?!) and loves to wear my jewelry for fun. Henry is such a dude…he loves to make noise, toss balls around, and try and figure out how everything in the house works. His latest obsession is the vacuum cleaner-he loves to pretend it’s on, and pushes it around the house. I can’t wait until he can actually help with that! I’m so eager to see their faces light up on Christmas morning. So, dear santa…they’ve been good. Really, really, good.


1…ATELIER ATSUYO ET AKiKO marie j’adore organic tee…well, obviously.

2…PINHOLE PRESS flash cards…they love their names + faces book so much, this is the perfect addition!

3…OEUF bunny mittens…for mon petit lapin, marie.

4…MUJI paris city blocks…I’ve been searching for these for quite some time…if you find them let me know!

5…PLAN TOYS drum set…we can’t wait to see what they do with this. 

6…JANOD magnetic helicopter…I think we should start a collection.

7…BLABLA KIDS mozart the monkey knit doll…for my monkey!

8…ANDY WARHOL colors book…to add to their collection of modern + art filled books. 

9…VILAC paris puzzle…they have a few vilac puzzles already and are fascinated with them!

10..PLAYON crayons…they fit on little fingers and just look so cool. 

11..MAILEG sister + brother mousethey’re just too adorable, and they might need matchbook beds to sleep in.



  1. I tries to find those Muji blocks for you (since I had bought them for my little brother a couple of years ago) but it doesn’t look like they’re carried anywhere anymore :( I would write to Muji!!

  2. Um, can I have that Marie tshirt?! “Ladies do not start fights, but they can finish them..” such a sassy, adorable little thing!

    • yes so perfect Lindsey…I had actually never seen the movie until I saw a few cute Aristocats shirts at H + M (ironically) after they were born! so cute.

  3. Eva is obsessed with Artistocats! I’m sure she’d love that shirt. Santa will be painting her bedroom lilac this year among other things!

    • Oh well you must check out all their Disney shirts Sarah! How exciting-I never knew Santa painted…I might change my wish list. ;)

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