“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

This week, we are all reaching for what comforts us most. For the kids, it’s their favorite friends…”baby” for Marie, and “teddy” for Henry. Teddy is well loved-he was mine as a child, and the fact that Henry loves him so much is very special for me. Marie received baby at Christmas, and has since carried her around everywhere we go. After Henry showed so much interest in her baby, we got him one as well…which she very quickly commandeered. So, she is now (quite appropriately and hilariously) the mother of two babies. It’s been an emotional week…with a mix of tears and smiles. Even at such a young age (18 months), the kids are missing Billy and knowing that something happened. They keep us busy and smiling though, and we’re so thankful for their innocent exuberance. It is a constant reminder to celebrate life.

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  1. Little sweeties! I love how their outfits always seem to coordinate without being matchy-matchy. Eva was about this age when she first became really interested in baby dolls, she has probably half a dozen now (I think we actually have the same one marie is holding, she goes by Parker in our house). Children have such a way of making you see joy in the world, even in the toughest of times. I’m sorry you’re hurting right now, lady.

    • thank you Sarah-I do my best to coordinate them (it’s quite fun actually)! you know my husband’s name is Parker…love it! thank you for your support + love Sarah. xo

  2. What a[nother] sweet pair of photos! I love that they both have their token toy buddy. You’ve kept Teddy in good condition all these years! My favorite toy was a stuffed dog, “Jingles” given to me by my godparents at birth; he is a bit too worn and delicate to pass on to our future child, but he will definitely go on presentation again someday :)

    So glad H&M are helping to lift the spirit of your house this week. They are so precious. xoxo

    • thank you Angie…before Billy, there was Teddy. Henry gives him kisses all the time and sleeps with him, it’s heartbreakingly sweet. M + H are lifting our spirits, absolutely…so thankful.

      Love hearing you say “future child” by the way. xo

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