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Is it really February?! It’s been a while since I first shared my interest in becoming a cave girl, and I owe you an update. After struggling a bit through the holidays, I hit the ground running in January (after the flu gave me a jumpstart-silver lining). I’ve been eating clean, working out, losing weight…feeling good. My pain has diminished, and I wake up with excitement for the day, even in the depths of winter. Keeping up with twin toddlers is no joke-I’m thankful for the extra energy. In trying to get creative with meals, I’m discovering many healthy, delicious foods + recipes, and I created a pinterest page dedicated to all things paleo…check it out! If you’re focused on eating whole, what are your favorites?

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  1. I have been spying on your Paleo board – inspiring! One new side dish Tim and I have fallen in love with is cauliflower + garlic “mashed potatoes”. If you’re not a lover of cauliflower (like me), don’t be turned off – it doesn’t even taste like it! Pinterest has some gluten free/paleo recipes.

    Thanks for keeping us updated on your progress!! Yay!

  2. That photo makes my mouth water…YUM! Sounds like you’re kicking butt-go girl!

  3. i LOVE paleo as well!! i just finished my 2nd whole30 yesterday and am loving life. its amazing what this way of eating does for you, i’m wholly convinced of its benefits and how important food is in making an impact on your life and your body. on my pinterest page towards the bottom are 3 boards for breafkast, lunch and dinner!

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