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2014, I can finally acknowledge you…hello! With us all coming down with the flu after Christmas, we decided to have a New Year’s Eve redo on Saturday night. Nothing major-just a bottle of bubbly and sparkler candles…really more representative of a fresh start for us than anything. Last year was such a whirlwind of momentous moments-it will be one we look back on with great fondness (except for that last week, ugh). This year will be just as memorable…merging my businesses (more on that soon), a trip to France, our babies turning two (what?!), turning 35, and celebrating 5 years of marriage! I’m not really one for resolutions, but in the spirit of accountability, I’d like to share a few of my goals for 2014.

Eat clean. Get healthy.

This is priority #1 for me this year. I need to stop with the pity party about my weight (and overall health) and kick ass to get back to the healthiest version of me. It starts NOW.

Cultivate my children’s curiosity + thirst for knowledge.

One of my favorite aspects of parenthood comes with great responsibility. I’m so excited to introduce them to the wonders of the world and guide them on their learning journey. It’s truly an honor.

Spend less time plugged in and more time just living.

This actually affects all of my resolutions-I need to be better about putting down my iPhone, turning off the computer + tv, and being more present. This video is a great reminder.

Make more time for my marriage.

At the end of the day, my husband and I are both so exhausted from work (me as a WAHM, him at a demanding 9-5) that we struggle to have energy for each other. I know this is an issue that plagues many married couples with children, and we have to get better at making time for US. More date nights are in our near future!

Challenge myself personally + professionally.

This may seem obvious, but it helps me to put it in writing. I already have some exciting projects in the works for the year that will be fun yet challenging. My business and blog continue to evolve and keeps me on my toes! Personally, having never traveled alone internationally, going to France by myself will certainly push my comfort levels, in the best kind of way. I’m both anxious and giddy about it…less than two months away, eeek!

What is your #1 goal for 2014? I’d love to hear friends!


  1. Great, ACCESSIBLE goals! And I agree, I refuse to let my life be defined but how much I DIDN’T achieve the previous but rather just continuing to better myself as time passes.

    I share many of the same goals: date nights, putting down the phone, etc. I have to keep my list small or it will be unmangeable :)

  2. So many fab memorable things to celebrate! That marriage – its so hard during the winter, when our routines just seems to drag on with the days. More date nights! For sure!

  3. Awesome goals! Mine are similar too – making a point to meditate/yoga as a couple, following a stricter budget to pay off those pesky cc’s, less phone/screen time (excited about this), and more creating/painting!!

    Btw, you’ve become quite the Nikon guru ;)

    • thanks Angie (still have much to learn)…also love your goals (reminds me to get back to yoga at some point)!

  4. I can only join you… on top of my list of goals are more date nights, also being mother of twins, with a husband who travels way too much, it’s not easy, but so important.

    Love your shot! (As always ;))

    • Yes, it’s even harder with multiples as you well know…date nights are scarce! Here’s hoping we both get more of them this year. Thank you ;)

  5. I loved this post, especially what you said about feeling empowered as parents to be able to cultivate our kids curiosity and appetite for learning. You are so right. My little Noah is almost 5 and he is a real sponge, for the good things I model for him but also when I set the wrong example. As for the technology goal, I am with you. I need to build routines to disconnect and immerse myslef back in the present more often. Idea for you: How about keeping us posted on your progress? I rarely see that from bloggers beyond NY resolutions. That would make an interesting read and, perhaps, help you stay true to your words;) We could be your accountability partners…

    • Thank you Romain…kids certainly makes us more aware of our behavior (good and bad)! I will share my progress, absolutely…one of the reasons why I love this community!

  6. I really like your goals!

    Mine are to be in a better place financially by the end of this year, to break 2 hours in a half marathon this year, and to rededicate myself to my academic work after having been a bit lost at the end of last year.

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