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To some, a collection might be a nod to the past, for others, a token of an imagined experience. For me, each item tells a story, of someone else’s life, or mine. Over the years, I’ve been dazzled by many objects, beginning at a young age. Teddy bears, dollhouses, bottles, books + ephemera, records, milk glass, and really, any and all things French. More often than not, the vintage items I am drawn to speak to my romantic nature…I’m a sucker for nostalgia. Many of my favorites are from the 1940’s era-more specifically + freakishly, from the year 1948! The polaroid land camera passed down from my grandfather, my Royal typewriter, big band music sheets, and more (including our home). My most recent (and random) obsession is vintage French binoculars, which began with this pair. I stumbled upon these Bobbsey Twins books while pregnant and couldn’t resist including them in Marie + Henry’s room. I plan to add to the collection, and hope they will appreciate them later in life. My wish is that my cherished items will someday become theirs, as with many inherited items. Henry has already laid claim to Teddy, who had been by my side since I was five, and I couldn’t be more melted by it. After all, isn’t that what collecting is all about-preserving old memories, and creating new ones?

What are your most cherished items, and what do you collect? Please share!


  1. So sweet. I love how Henry has taken a liking to your childhood Teddy. I have a childhood stuffed animal of my own, as well as a collection of post cards that I’ve been building. They’re not vintage… but one day they will be :).

  2. I collect vintage postcards…I love reading the old messages to loved ones. I’ve repurposed some, making handmade cards for friends and family, but others I keep in an album or frame. It seems we all collect something!

    • awesome Jennifer-I too have a vintage postcard collection! the best ones are preserved in an album.

  3. I’m not much of a collector, but one I do like the look of very old books. One day I was going through a used book store, and I found a very old English grammar and syntax book (snooooze) from the 1800s. I flipped it open and found a four-leaf clover tucked between the pages. Taking it as a sign, I bought the book for a couple bucks. At home, I wanted to take a closer look at the book, and was surprised to find close to 100 four-leaf clovers pressed into the book! I like to think that the student who owned the book was so bored by it and decided to turn it into something far more enchanting with their collection. And that they had a whole lot of luck coming to them.

    • What a great find-a lucky charm for you Elizabeth! That is just one of the reason why I love old books so much. My mom is a (retired) librarian, and she started my obsession at a young age.

  4. So interesting about your draw to 1948 – I’ll have to keep an eye out next time I’m antiquing :) Lately I’ve been trying to purge more than collect, but I have been slowly collecting the teal tinted Ball jars to actually use for kitchen storage and not just visual aesthetic.

    But my other half is the true collector: 1982 TN Worlds Fair memorabilia, pocket/hunting knives, cigars (he has TWO humidors..), vintage shaving accessories, beautiful old wooden boxes… I think he channels Ron Swanson.

    • Ah perfect, thanks for keeping an eye out Angie…I will watch for teal Ball jars for you–I see them a lot (love them). Your other half does sound a lot like Ron Swanson…hehe. A man’s man for sure. ;)

  5. I have been collecting Christmas ornaments as trip souvenirs. It started back in 2007. I bought a super chesesy Welcome to Las Vegas ornament with the year on it. And then after that it became a thing. I have also started asking family and friends to pick me up an ornament if they can when they go somewhere I haven’t been. My husband also picks one up during his annual motorcycle trips around Canada and the US. Some of my favorites are a beautiful glass ball with illustrations of the Eiffel Tower from Paris and a Santa Claus on a motorcycle holding a surfboard from California. :)

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