“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

This weekend was dedicated to the kids, and since spring was trying to show her face we headed to the park. They were both giddy to be there, and Henry has developed a slide obsession…it provided much entertainment for all who were there to witness it. Their joy is contagious–isn’t it the best feeling as a parent when your children are so happy?! My mommy guilt is still very present (I missed 10/52), but thanks to FaceTime I felt close to them while I was gone…they knew I was ok and was missing them greatly (and mr. fleurishing is a rockstar). It feels so good to be back home, where my heart is.

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  1. Welcome home! I’m leaving for my own trip tomorrow, and already feeling how hard it will be to be away from Eva that long. Your sweet babies look awfully happy to have you back!

    • thank you Sarah…yes it’s tough but it strengthened me as a woman which in turn makes me a better mother..you will feel the same I’m sure. ;)

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