Hello friends! I’m so happy to be back from France + cannot wait to share more of my adventures–my journey was truly transformative. Having never traveled alone internationally, I pushed my boundaries and found myself outside of my comfort zone often, which I highly recommend. It exposed me to wonderful new experiences, and reaffirmed my self confidence and strength. While it was tough to say goodbye to my French family and friends for now, returning home to my hubby + children was emotional and joyful. As I unpack, get organized, and spend time with my family, I’m very excited to share more with you and promise to do so promptly! In the meantime, you can check out my #fleurishinginfrance instagram feed for a preview…this shot was taken by the lovely Ashley Ludaescher!

 Ashley Ludaescher Photography


  1. Hi Susan, Next time you’re here, especially if you have your adorable twins, would be lovely to meet you with Kasia and my own toddler, Storsh (who’s in love with Kasia)!
    Kind regards,

    • I would love that Daisy -Kasia actually mentioned how smitten she is with Storsh! ;)

  2. I had such a great time with you in Paris and was thrilled to finally meet you in person! I love that meeting blog friends in “real life” always feels like spending time with old friends :) And of course, it was a joy to have the chance to photograph you!

    • Ditto Ashley, I had so much fun with you! You know just how to make a girl feel beautiful + confident in front of the lens, and I’m so appreciative of your time and talents. Loved our time together. xo

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