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With one week to go (eeek!) until my departure, hardcore packing mode has commenced. Originally I was going to carry-on for my 10 day journey, but I’ve instead opted to check luggage (in a nicely sized, manageable suitcase). I’m a planner by nature, so I begin taking inventory of my wardrobe months in advance, and make lists galore. I’m not a trendsetter when it comes to fashion-I stick to the classics, and what I’m most comfortable in. Neutrals mixed with my current favorite accent, cognac, make getting dressed simple + easy on the go. As always, lightweight fabrics are the best, along with non-wrinkle materials. I usually try to avoid synthetic materials in clothing but honestly, some of the most travel-friendly pieces are a bit of a blend (i.e. cotton + poly). Layering is key, as weather can be fickle this time of year…a lightweight trench coat (or the like) is best. I enjoy coordinating the details the most-gloves, scarves, tech accessories, and my new favorite camera bag (thank you ONA)! Choosing shoes is always tough for me-hence my recent public opinion poll.

what are your favorite travel pieces?


  1. haha you are SO much better prepared than I ever am when I travel! And at worst, you pick up a couple of things in Paris. Wouldn’t be so bad, eh?

    • ha, I try…it helps calm my nerves when I’m prepared. ;)

      and yes…I’m hoping to fill that longchamp bag with goodies!

  2. oh my gosh, i am so so so envious of your trip! i haven’t been to paris in a year and a half and i miss it terribly. and what a perfect packing list i must say :)

    • thank you-it’s been too long since I’ve seen my family, almost 5 years (since our wedding)! cannot. wait.

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  5. I love packing lists (all of them!) and France is my favorite, so this is a winning post for me. How did you create this list with the photos? Is there an app you use that helps you make this type of a picture? Thanks!

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