breakfast at claus






Having heard many great things about the hot breakfast spot Claus, I couldn’t wait to experience it for myself. Located just around the corner from Palais Royal, it was the perfect place to begin my first full day in Paris. I met Lindsey there just as they opened…we had made a reservation, which I highly recommend.  My mouth started watering upon entering, faced with a wall of pastries and goodies. We were ushered to the sun-filled dining room upstairs and got the choice window spot, score! I had to pause and get some shots of the interior…the mix of color and modern simplicity was so refreshing. The menu had a plethora of excellent options – I opted for the muesli + soft boiled egg, my new favorite (check out that adorable egg warmer…they sell them)! The coffee was delicious, supplied by none other than the renowned Coutume Café. It was such an enjoyable morning, and I’m happy to report Claus lived up to the hype!

Claus | 14 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau 75001 Paris 


  1. Placing this on the list! So lovely. (And geez–there are SO MANY PLACES to eat here!!)

    • oh good, it’s delightful Amy…and yeah, the list is endless!

  2. I can never manage to snag a reservation at Claus! But my goodness, it looks so cozy — that egg warmer is the cherry on top! I’ll just have to try harder for next time. ;)

    Hope you enjoyed your time in Paris!

    • I hope you get there soon Christine…we booked about three weeks out. Yes, I brought home egg warmers for the family! ;)

  3. Man, great styling – especially that delicious yellow seating! Lovely photo of you; radiating your happiness to be in your fav city :)

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