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La Droguerie, meaning “The Drugstore”, is a colorful, creative haven in the first arrondissement. If you fancy knitting, crafting, or just inspiration in the form of hue, this place is for you (apologies for that accidental rhyme). Offering anything and everything you could possibly want for creative projects, I was lusting over the ribbons, buttons, and yarn–I don’t even knit! The shop has the feel of an old apothecary, lined with wood cabinets, jars, and shelves bursting with color. It can be a bit overwhelming, especially on a busy day, but the staff seemed very attentive and helpful. I could have easily spent hours there, but got my haberdashery “fix” in just a quick visit. If you’re a creative, I highly suggest a visit!

La Droguerie | 9 Rue Jour 75001 Paris 


  1. Wow, dreamy! It looks like the more organized version of my grandmother’s sewing closet. I have fond memories of staring up at all the colorful spools.

    • oh wow, would love to see that closet Ang + happy it brings back fond memories for you. xo

    • thank you Molly…your sweet comment puts a BIG smile on my face! :)

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