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Deciding to stay in an apartment vs. a hotel was an easy decision for me–I wanted to live like a local. Having learned of Haven in Paris many years ago, I instantly began browsing their rentals after securing my flights. I really wanted a place that was central, had character, and was situated in a residential area. I fell in love with this chic and cozy little apartment in the Marais, beautifully decorated and loaded with amenities. Upon arrival a lovely greeter ran through all the practical points, shared a few local tips, and handed me the keys! That was a true pinch me moment, as I’ve always dreamed of living in Paris. Staying in an apartment is one way to make that dream a reality, even if only for a week!





Having a kitchen (and a stocked one at that) is a major perk of renting, and although I mostly ate out (hello Paris), I made the most of the french press in the mornings, with the bells of the nearby St. Gervais Church bringing me much joy. With so many comforts of home (washer/dryer, laptop, fluffy feather bed), I felt at ease, even on my own. Having never traveled alone internationally before, that feeling was very freeing, and empowering. In the evenings I would catch up with social media, fine tune my plans for the next day, and most importantly…FaceTime with my family. My apartment truly was a haven, and I’m so grateful for the experience. It was unlike any I’ve had before, in the best way!





If you’re the type of traveler who wants to be immersed in the culture, I highly recommend renting. Even if it’s a bit out of your comfort zone, I promise you the experience will enrich your journey. The team of Haven in Paris was so attentive throughout the entire process, from booking to my return home, and the service they provided exceeded my expectations. When we travel internationally as a family, we will definitely be renting (already eyeing all of their family friendly apartments)! Visit the Haven in Paris site to see all of their listings + their blog for great tips inspiration for your travels!

 *this post is sponsored by Haven in Paris…all words and opinions are my own*

*images via Haven in Paris and myself*


  1. So glad to hear about your positive experience with renting an apartment. When traveling with small kids, renting an apartment is definitely a great solution. We will definitely be doing that, it just makes so many things more relaxing. After hearing your stories about Paris, I want out next destination to be there! ;-)

    • I’m so happy my trip might inspire your travels, and yes…renting is relaxing + cost effective too! ;)

  2. Renting has really been popular lately and I think it’s great! I love that it’s usually a cheaper option if you plan on going for a longer amount of time. I’m glad you had such a great time, and it’s so cool that you went alone. I’ve been dying to go somewhere alone to pretend I actually live there, which is something my boyfriend wouldnt “get” if I went with him!

  3. Such a great idea. Your apartment is so lovely! That staircase is something spectacular, and I’m sure it offered you plenty of exercise. I can see you there, making your press pot in the morning and writing, in your lovely handwriting, notes and postcards to friends and family back home. Feels like the perfect place to be if you’re away from home.

    • Thank you Chanee…the staircase was beautiful + helped me work off all the treats, lol! You’re sweet-that’s exactly what I did during my quiet moments there. xo

  4. Well, that does it, now my husband and I really have to go to Paris someday….although after visiting the Haven site, I wouldn’t mind trying out one of their Tuscany locations either ;)

    Thank you for sharing these photos – I’m totally living vicariously through your solo travel! Can’t wait to hear more.

    What a gem this place is! I agree with Chanee – can totally picture you there. Knowing what a kindred place Paris is, it must be harder to leave the more you visit. Although, now you have so much more to come home to :)

    • Yes, you must go Angie!! Their locations in Italy are amazing as well…I was also checking out the London one since we really want to take the kids there. This place was so perfect for me–I will always have fond memories of it. But yes…so much more to return to now.

  5. I wish I had done this while traveling in Scandinavia years ago! Leaving my baby behind for my first trip abroad was heartbreaking, as was the moment I stepped foot into my undergrad dorm (I was studying abroad in grad school). I remember that moment and wanted to cry… probably did. I’m glad you felt at home abroad – makes a world of a difference!

    • I’m lucky to have family + so many friends there Jamie…but even if I didn’t, I always feel at home in France. Thanks for your comment!

    • the kitchen was perfect…so well organized + stocked! thanks Sarah!

    • Ditto Lindsey…loved it, and sharing the experience with you was awesome!

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