henry + marie’s playroom!




I’m so excited to finally reveal our playroom!! We’ve been working on the space since moving into our home 3+ years ago, and after some renovation + love, it is a space we all enjoy! If you’re a regular reader, you know that our home is fairly monochromatic…I prefer neutrals, and lately, a lot of white. You’d be hard pressed to find anything boldly colored in the rest of our home. Needless to say, I think I got it all out of my system in the playroom! I wanted it to be cheery and inviting, since it’s a finished basement with limited light, it needed to be bright.  The space also functions as our media room now, and it’s a cozy retreat for my husband and I in the evenings. It’s a very functional room, one that will grow along with the kids. Land of Nod agreed to contribute some pieces to the room, and as a loyal customer of theirs, I couldn’t be happier to have their participation. They continually impress me!






I knew I wanted a a wall where the kids could let their creative juices flow, but have never been a big fan of chalkboard dust. Then I discovered Idea Paint and all my wishes came true! I went with black since I wanted to evoke the look of a chalkboard wall, and also hoped they would learn to only write or draw on black walls (so far so good, fingers crossed). The markers are easy for the kids + clean-up is a breeze. I then commissioned our friend + local talent Andrew De Stefano to create the beautiful mural…all I did was provide him with the quote. I’m so pleased with the result – the typography is amazing, and we kept it high enough that the kids can use the board without harming the art (at least until they grow that tall)! We found the mini vintage swing chair at a local market, and knew it had to be part of the space.






The kitchenette gets a lot of use, and I love the educational aspect of it. That little window over the sink kills me – so cute. Their furniture is so well made and thoughtfully designed. For instance, the Mojo Play Table adjusts in height, so you essentially get two tables in one! Right now it’s the perfect height for Henry + Marie, providing space for their first train, coloring, LEGO building, you name it. The orange Mojo chairs are so sturdy we sit on them while accompanying the kids!




Our collection of books continues to grow, and these are all in heavy rotation. I wallpapered the back of our shelving unit to add some visual interest, and yes…GOLD. I really love how it ties in the gold Lottie Dots decals (which stick on and remove without harming your walls). The dots really took the playfulness level up a notch, but be forewarned…being random is harder than it looks, ha! Our sectional is perfect for visitors (playdates + grandparents), and for movie nights of course (our flat screen TV is conveniently wall mounted across from it). The cleverly designed “You Say Coffee, I Say Play Table” table is where we house stuffed animals + tea party supplies. Impromptu tea parties are my jam.







What playroom is complete without a teepee these days, am I right?! I’ll be honest – we were pretty excited to play in it too. It’s a nice escape when you want a moment of zen, and the kids love playing inside. With our home being built in 1948, there are quirky details which we love, such as interior doors with glass panes on each side of the room…we painted the back of the panes black + added Shanna Murray decals to the front. It’s a small detail but one that makes me happy on a daily basis. I’m so happy the vintage milk can can be part of our colorful room…a fresh coat of paint restored this piece from my own childhood. We love the growth chart (though we still have to hang it) – the monkey lives there for now and every time we come and go from the room we say hello and goodbye to him. A happy way to begin and end playtime!




photography by courtney apple

many thanks to… Land of Nod + Idea Paint + Andrew De Stefano + Shanna Murray 



  1. Can I come play here? Man! I would have loved a space like this when I was a kid! Gorgeous job. Lots of room for new toys too :)

    • Me too Lindsey, thank you!! And yes, you can come play anytime. ;)

  2. So beautiful! I always love when you share photos of your home with us. Looks like quite the fun playroom and the play kitchen is adorable!

  3. It looks GREAT down there! I wouldn’t have guessed it was in the basement looking at the first few photos. What kind of lighting are you using down there? Our basement has far less light than yours, which makes me sort of hate being down there, even though it’s finished…

    • what a great compliment Sarah…we used Daylight LED lights in addition to the lamps, plus the two small windows actually let in a decent amount of light!

  4. Wow. Everything is picture perfect Suz, awesome work as always!! Especially love the mural by Andrew, the dot decals and the bookshelf wallpaper. I can totally see H&M rediscovering that paper some day in an old box and fondly recalling their childhood bookshelf.

    • thank you so much Angie…yes Andrew did an amazing job! I would love it if they remembered those kind of details! ;)

  5. This room is absolutely adorable, Brava! We almost got the same teepee from Land of Nod, but opted for the pup tent instead.

  6. Simply incredible… you make it look so easy. I want to bring my little ones over for a play date.

  7. Beautiful- and functional!! I love that certain pieces will grow with the children and that you have proper grown up furniture down there as well.
    Are there really children’s books for Wuthering Heights and Sense and Sensibility?? Must. have.

    • that’s always my goal Joanna…to design spaces that grow! and I highly recommend the entire BabyLit collection…so good!! ;)

  8. how lucky you are with such a room! everything is perfect and little kitchens are great for both girls & boys( my daughters & their little brother have played with the same one for hours!)

  9. I love this room!!!! Can you tell me where did you buy this carpet? Its amazing!

  10. Once again, you display your talent. What a wonderful space for your kids. You have such an amazing eye for color and space. And, yes, detail too!

    • thank you so much Colleen, I’m so thankful for you as a client + friend!

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  13. Love this room! Can you tell me how the FLOR tiles have held up and also where you bought the white piece of furniture (bookshelf, media center). Thanks!!!!

    • thank you Kristen! the FLOR tiles are still going strong – we’ve only replaced one due to a stain (which is why I love them) and they look great! the bookcase is the Cameron storage system by PBKids…I added the wallpaper backing and changed the knobs. ;)

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