Allow me to introduce you to my latest obsession…Steller. A recent addition to the social media scene, it is taking the blogging world by storm! You don’t have to be a blogger to appreciate + participate…let me explain. It’s a storytelling app, where images and video unite, creating a format where any story can unfold. As a blogger, I’m enjoying the challenge of creating content specifically for Steller, especially the video component. It forces you to think differently, and capture moments in a new way. Going forward, I hope to infuse my stories with even more video. The options for customization are generous, with new features continually being added. The templates have been thoughtfully created to allow for maximum creativity…details are paramount. From a social standpoint, you can connect with others you already follow elsewhere, as well as being introduced to new storytellers. You have the ability to republish others stories within your own collections, allowing you to share and organize your favorites. It’s one big, happy, storytelling community!

In my opinion, this is the future of blogging. We’re already seeing a movement away from the traditional blog format, with less traffic + comments on websites. We all want quality content, faster and easier. Scrolling through feeds on an app is much simpler, and with Steller, you can create rich, beautiful content in a smaller format. Granted, they do take some time to create (especially if you’re a hopeless perfectionist like me), but so do blog posts! For now, I intend to use Steller as a companion to my blog, enhancing existing content, along with creating stories tailored to the app. For me, reading blogs, as well as perusing the app, is a treat. I reserve time for it, whether it’s with my morning coffee, or before I turn out the light at night. There are so many beautiful stories to share, and Steller provides a new and beautiful way to do so.

The kind folks at Steller reached out to me and offered to feature me as an author, and I couldn’t be more flattered! You can find me in the featured section all week. So check out the video below, download the app, and start sharing! If you’re already using it, I would love to hear your thoughts + see your stories, so please leave a comment, thank you!

everyone has a story to tell.

my stories (shown above)… louvre at night | sully sur loire | orleans | arc de triomphe … best viewed on an iPhone


  1. congrats on your feature…I think you may be right about the future of blogging, but I don’t see that happening just yet. ;)

    • I agree Suzanne, I think it will be a while…thank you for your comment!

  2. Love your stories on Stellar! I am experimenting with this fun tool too, but it is a challenge for me to remember not to take only square photos (best for Instagram and my blog) and to take mini-videos to add interest.

    • thanks so much Melinda, and yes…it has gotten me out of my square box!

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