happy birthday babies



Dear babies,

Two is a significant number. You were in utero as two, made me a mother of two, and you are two…bonded forever.  It’s so hard to believe that it has been two years since you came into our world. We blinked and you are little individuals, growing and changing before our eyes every day. I’m struggling with the fact that you are no longer babies – you are full grown, rambunctious toddlers who challenge and delight us. However, you are, and always will be…my babies.

Marie (my bunny), you are a whip-smart, strong, feminine little lady, and are already a force to reckon with. I will always love that about you…I have no doubt that you will run the world. Be it globally or just your own, you will dominate it. Your thirst for learning is fierce – you devour books (insisting now on “reading” them to us), navigate the iPad like a pro (you almost always choose a learning game), and put puzzles together like a master. You’re speaking in sentences, including a handful of French words, and could talk for days (much like your mama). You are always asking to draw or dance, and when you do it is with great purpose. Your eyes shine bright with life and beauty…you amaze me.

At two years of age Henry (my monkey), you are just as sweet, loving, and stubborn as ever. You are a beautiful combination of strength and tenderness, just like your Daddy. When you look at me lovingly or kiss me, the world stands still. You request a “hug” at least 5 times a day. You reserve your smiles and love for those who are most dear to you…your trust and affection has to be earned. You take great pride in your accomplishments, and as your vocabulary grows, so does your confidence. You love to be silly, and make your sister giggle – “knock knock! who’s there? mama” is your go-to joke. Your analytical mind is sharp, and I love to watch you focus on building legos, playing with your trains, or sitting quietly with a book. You have a brilliant mind, and such a loving, giving heart.

Today I (we) celebrate your lives, and the day I became a mother…it is and will forever be, my life’s greatest gift. Happy birthday babies. You are my loves, my heart…my life.


  1. Beautifully written and very true. You and Parker have been blessed with two beautiful children who, as you say, are growing quickly in their own ways. Happy Birthday, Henry and Marie!

  2. How sweet. Motherhood is such an incredible gift, isn’t it? Bonne anniversaire, henry et marie! And also to you, mama!

  3. Wish we could have been with you this year to celebrate the big 2 for two! Last year was so much fun. These are such beautiful letters that will be very cherished when they’re older. xoxo

    • I’m still thankful for how much you helped us last year…and yes it was a blast! Thank you for your kind words my friend. xoxo

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