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I’m excited to share a glimpse into this beautiful farmhouse that I toured in the Loire Valley of France. My brother told me about this amazing property and arranged a tour with the owner (one of his clients) while I was visiting. It is the quintessential french country farmhouse that so many of us dream of…rustic elegance at it’s finest. It is an experience I won’t soon forget – and I’m sharing the full story exclusively on Steller! If you’re not familiar with the app, you simply must check it out…it’s the latest and greatest way to share stories, and I’m obsessed. They’ve just released an update today, and Steller 2.0 is even better, with the addition of comments, hashtags, a snazzy new navigation, and more! Be sure to take a look at the full story, whether on the app or here. Be forewarned – it may leave you with severe wanderlust.

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  1. what an absolutely fantastic treat it must have been to have visited such a beautiful farmhouse. there truly isn’t much better than traveling and being able to make such rich connections with people across the world.

  2. Thank goodness you can still see a glimpse of the stories on a laptop – what a beautiful story Susan! I love that you and the owner could communicate even in each others broken languages: “PS – now we’re penpals” was my favorite part. (I am so impatient to get a new phone – my iPhone is so old that I can’t even install updates anymore let alone new apps. Then I will be all over Steller!)

    • thanks for checking it out Jess, and I look forward to you joining steller – I know your stories will be beautiful! xx

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  4. Wow this seems perfect, do they give tours normally or were you just special guests for that? I would love to tour a classic farmhouse along with all those mansions in Loire Valley (for a little change in speed). Was there a name of this place or it was a private residence? Thanks!

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