my 35th birthday



As of 8 AM this morning, I am officially 35. This number doesn’t define me, but I’m proud of my age. Proud of what I’ve accomplished so far in life, both professionally + personally. I understand myself now more than ever, and grow more comfortable in my own skin as each year passes. I’m surrounded with incredible friends and family who inspire and strengthen me. I have two beautiful children that have defined unconditional love for me now and forever. I have a husband that adores me and demonstrates it on a daily basis. This weekend, he managed to throw me a surprise party that moved me to tears. I’m still overwhelmed, in the best possible way! I treasure my friendships and am so grateful for them. You know what else I’m grateful for? You, my dear reader…thank you for being here! You make me feel special every day.


  1. Happy Birthday Susan! You are very fortunate indeed, for this beautiful life and all the love that surrounds you. Enjoy! (Aren’t the 30’s incredible?)

  2. Happy birthday, Susan! Such thoughtful words. I did my fair share of grumbling and dragging my feet around the time of my birthday this year (30 eek), but I think I’ll take a page from your book and express my gratitude for my life and the people who love me when the next one rolls by. You probably already knew I was going to say this, but OF COURSE your party was at terrain! ;)

  3. You are such a beauty, Susan! It makes my heart happy to think of you and all of your blessings. Happy birthday – all of this is so well deserved! xx

  4. Happy, happy (belated) birthday, again! Been mostly unplugged the last few days so forgive the delay :) I’m sorry we couldn’t join you at your celebration — I was so impressed, though, when your hubby emailed me and a few other ladies about doing something for you MONTHS ago (though I unfortunately already knew I’d be away that weekend). He is surely on the ball and it looks like he did a fantastic job :)

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