witchery + wizardry






The (ballerina) witch + (skeleton) wizard would like to wish you a Happy Halloween! When we started talking to them about the holiday months ago, we showed them costume ideas in catalogs + online, to see what they reacted to, if anything. Marie continuously responded to anything ballerina/tutu related, as well as anything witchy. So…a ballerina witch was born! I’m just gonna take a moment to give myself props for making the tutu…WOOT! Henry, well…he didn’t have much interest in costumes to be honest (insert male cliche here), so I just found a pair of skeleton pajamas and put them on. I got a positive response, so I thought that was a done deal. However, while visiting our local toy shop a few days ago, I spotted the wizard cape, and had a lightbulb moment. A witch + a wizard – YES. Needless to say, it took all week and a few cookies to coax him into wearing it, but he’s really into it now, whew. Sidenote – I think he also resembles a (super adorable + sparkly) grim reaper, or a star wars sith lord. I’m so ridiculously excited for our first family trick-or-treating experience (more than I expected). Wishing you all a very fun, spooky, sugary, memorable…



  1. ohmigoodness! the cutest here is too much. Susan! the curls and cheeks and tutu. how you manage to make adorable into elegant so effortlessly is why you are a total bada–!

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