abbaye de fleury




Abbaye de Fleury is a very special place for me. I’m not religious, but I find myself at this historic church every time I visit France. My brother introduced me to it upon my first visit to his town, Sully Sur Loire, as it is minutes away. It had me at Fleury. Founded in 640 (yes you read that correctly), this Benedictine monastery is incredibly peaceful and humbling…it captivates me. I’m sharing excerpts of my experiences there, via my travel journal…the full story is on steller.


  1. 640! Wow, just wow! It’s been a while since I was in Europe, but I also always seem to find my non-religious self in a church or cathedral when I’m there. Just breathtaking! I’ll be sure to check out the rest of your post on stellar!

    PS: Smart how you’ve chosen to link the blog up with stellar, are you seeing a lot of traffic back here from them?

    • Yes, ditto Sarah…not religious but always find myself there! Very moving. I’m finding that Steller is an awesome companion to my blog, and love continuing (or starting) my stories there. I’ve seen some decent traffic, yes! ;)

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