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“Nos moments de lumière sont des moments de bonheur. | Our moments of light are moments of happiness.”

Joseph Joubert


Bienvenue et welcome to my new blog series, French is Beautiful! I’ll be documenting my journey of becoming feeling fluent in French, under the tutelage of Carrie Anne James of French is Beautiful. After all, what could be a better name for the series than that?! I had my first lesson last weekend and feel so invigorated. The online program combines weekly video lectures with written, listening + speaking assignments, digital immersion guides, and private Skype coaching! Carrie’s method of teaching is refreshingly natural, and she instantly made me feel comfortable and confident. I’m starting at the beginning, with her Level 1 course, for a three month duration, but will be studying with her all the way to Level 3 (and beyond)! I’m thrilled to review, refresh, and build on what I know, and hope you will follow along with me.

*tutoring c/o French is Beautiful…as always, these opinions are my own*


  1. That’s awesome and so perfect for you! What a great thing to start at the beginning of this new year :) I have so many lessons (mainly yoga) that I want to start once I get the chance!

    • thank you Eva – getting back to my roots in 2015, it feels good! ooh yoga…I need to get back into that as well!

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