bon weekend



Can you believe Valentine’s Day is next weekend?! I feel like this year is already moving at warp speed. To get you in the spirit, I’m sharing some fun links for the “holiday of love”. It gets a bad wrap, but despite the commercialism, it’s an opportunity to express love, and I’m sure we can all agree the world could use more of it.  Of course, when you have kids, all of the holidays get more exciting + the crafting possibilities are endless! On that note –  I’ll be sharing a fun craft I did with the kids next week (this photo is a hint)…so be sure to check back for all kinds of cuteness + confetti. We’re expecting more snow here in Pennsylvania…perfect snuggling weather, so I’m not complaining. I hope it’s cozy where you are!


paris in love

“kiss me” cookies

for the love of books

put your heart to paper + videos!

gift ideas based on the five love languages


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