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Today I’m sharing a recent discovery – one that I’m so excited about, I almost want to keep to myself. I’ve admired the work of filmmaker Jenner Brown for a few years, and he recently announced his new venture, along with Eva + Kirk Jorgensen and Meta Coleman. An independent film company, Nørr Film is dedicated to beautiful aesthetics + strong storytelling. Their focus is on historical period features, with many fascinating films already in the works. One of them happens to be about the yé yé movement, referring to the French pop music of the 1960’s. It encompasses many of my all-time favorite French songs and artists, including the likes of Françoise Hardy (shown above), Jane Birkin, Sylvie Vartan, Birgitte Bardot, and France Gall. A few men were included in the movement, including Serge Gainsbourg (a fav of mine). The music had a very innocent sound, yet the lyrics were often riddled with innuendo and impassive humor. Many modern artists have been inspired by the music, and if you’re a Mad Men fan, you have the song Zou Bisous Bisous as a reference, which garnered so much attention that a single was released, proving the power of the yé yé sound is still very much appreciated. I cannot wait to see how the creative minds at Nørr interpret all of it – no doubt it will be amazing.

image courtesy of nørr film


  1. You would love my friend Frank! everytime I go to his place for tea, he’s got one of your favorite artists streaming loudly from the speakers :) Definitely a film for us!

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