bon weekend



Whew, what a week! I need coffee, coffee, and more coffee. Apologies for the radio silence on the blog – I’ve been overwhelmed with work (in the best kind of way). Even though it’s already Sunday, I figure this bon weekend post is better late than never, right? Right. The frigid temperatures kept us (and maybe you?) mostly indoors this week, and we’re incredibly thankful for the bouncy house we bought a few months ago. I highly recommend it for the winter months if you have toddlers – seriously, it’s priceless. Yesterday we managed a day trip to Brooklyn to celebrate the 40th birthday of my good friend Amy, and today we’re tackling the (twin) toddler bed transition (cue the mommy tears). Tonight, the sofa beckons…the Oscars + a generous glass of wine are in my near future! Here are some links I enjoyed this week…


what color is it?

 selfishness, for now

oscar color-by-number ballot

can you match the dog with it’s owner?


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