a love note



Please pardon the delay – this thank you note is overdue. A huge MERCI to everyone who took the time to answer and provide feedback on my survey. Your opinions are of great value to me, and they help to solidify the direction of my blog. I have been feeling a strong pull back to my roots – primarily, more Francophile related content (which I’ve already begun implementing, as you may have noticed). Many of you requested more of my interior design work, and essays about motherhood – I’m so glad you did. Ask and you shall receive! Many of you also asked for more posts in general. That one is a tad tricky for me, but I’m doing my best to increase the frequency of posting. Without advertising (and minimal sponsored posts), I’m just not able to financially justify spending more time here. I have found myself putting more effort into social media, mainly, Instagram, as I have seen the most response + growth there. However, I have no intention of giving up this space, and have some exciting partnerships lined up for 2015 that will allow me to bring you some amazing content. Thank you again for your time, your interest, and support. Sending you all a big virtual hug. Bisous!


  1. I didn’t think you ever strayed too far from your roots, but happy to hear about your focus for 2015! Yes, love your work + would love to see more of it!

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