french is beautiful



“A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of Life.”

 Thomas Jefferson


The French language is constructed around beauty, much like the country’s landscapes and architecture.  When speaking the language, it helps to remember that fact – yet another priceless tidbit from my tutor, Carrie Anne James. When doubting your pronunciation, think about what would sound the most beautiful, and you’re most likely right. One of the most crucial aspects in speaking is the “liaison” – how the words connect and blend together, creating a fluid sound. For example, the letter s in the word les is generally silent, but when combined with the word amis, it is pronounced with the “z” sound, connecting the two words…les amis. It is what makes French so enticing, and dare I say, so sexy. Even the way it’s spoken adds to the allure…you use mostly the front of your mouth, and at a low volume. Vowels at the end of words are meant to be lingered upon, and enjoyed…mini-syllables, if you will. Take the word femme…that little, innocent looking e on the end should be emphasized and savored. For me, pronunciation is paramount, and I squeal with delight when my words melt together like taffy. These details are not to be missed…after all, it is where much of the beauty lies.

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  1. What a wonderful way to describe the French language, Susan! I agree with all you said. Adding to the language’s appeal: it is not the easiest language to learn thus you cherish your French knowledge even more:-)

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