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I will forever be grateful to social media for connecting me with so many amazing + talented people, many of whom have become close friends. Tristan of Besotted Brand is one of them, and though we’ve never met in person (a west coast trip is long overdue), I feel as if we have. I’m a frequent customer of her gorgeous shop, but I’m currently obsessed with her latest offering, so pardon me while I gush. Created by Tristan + Michelle, Foto Rx is a collection of Photoshop actions to assist with photo editing, saving time + taking your images to the next level! My Photoshop skills are fairly basic, but I do all of my photo editing there. I was worried this would be over my head or more than I needed, but was pleasantly surprised at how easy the actions were to download + begin using. With a few simple clicks, your images are transformed, and there is an action/cure for seemingly any issue you might encounter! Check out their YouTube channel for examples and tutorials…the actions are available for purchase on Etsy. You can also find an amazing collection of product photography resources on the Besotted blog. I cannot wait to dig into my archives and find more photos to fix!


  1. I haven’t used these specific actions, but I am a fan of them in general. Mostly because they can help add consistency to images. I’m a photoshop pro, but it’s nice to have a foolproof method to make my blog images always (or usually) look related.

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